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Product Highlight: Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment

Charmaine Allen

Product Highlight

Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment


When looking at hair growth as well as hair retention, a protein treatment is an essential part of both processes. Protein treatments can be beneficial to natural, chemically treated, color treated, etc. as they not only strengthen hair but also repair damage, prevent breakage, and repair and restore elasticity. 90% of hair is made up of proteins, which can be broken down/damaged when exposed to everyday elements such as sun, wind, heat, chemicals, etc. which in turn causes hair elasticity to diminish and hair becomes brittle and dry……..eventually resulting in breakage. Our Deep Conditioning Protein Treatmentcreate a protective barrier for your hair, resulting in stronger hair that has an extra layer of protection from damaging elements.

Fortified with orange peel extract and lemongrass essential oil’s, this citric protein treatment is made to deep condition your hair while bringing out its softest texture ever! With hydrolyzed wheat protein and silk protein, which deeply penetrates the hair shaft, temporarily filling broke hair bonds, while conditioning and moisturizing  the hair.


After Shampoo, apply Golf Size amount to hair strands, apply a plastic cap for 15-30 min, rinse and style.

Shelf Life: 6 months (For Optimal results).



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  • Hi Charmine I’ve received my protein treatment on yesterday (August 3, 2020); how often should I use the treatment? Oh and by the way, I just love your products, keep up the good work.

    PHyllis WIlliams

  • Hi, I received my Conditioning Protein Treatment yesterday. How often should I use it? So excited.

    Nedra West Wilson

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